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End-to-end Enterprise Application

Agile Project Management Design Thinking Based Micro Services
BROKERAGE PLATFORM Equity Crowd Funding Peer to Peer Lending
FINANCING PLATFORM Equity Crowd Funding Peer to Peer Lending
MANAGEMENT ASSET PLATFORM Asset Management System Wealth Retire Management System
INVESTMENT PLATFORM Equity Crowd Funding Peer to Peer Lending

Our Product in Market

Nayaga is an End to End Technology Solutions. As an Enterprise Application Solution or as a Platform Solution. Digitizing and Connecting the business, with Implementing Enterprise Solution or Subscribing the Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Core is an Online Trading System which provides the Online Platform as a Delivery Channel

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Gadai Efek Mesin

Gadai Efek Mesin (GEM) Fiduciary System is Pegadaian specific system as a real time valuation system for fiduciary underlying securities.

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Rentalio is more than rental app, You can access any kind of dream vehicle anytime & anywhere without having to own it. It's your digital garage.

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Likuid is an Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) Platform to manage the crowd funds raises on equity as a market place for the fund raiser and investor into on ecosystem investment

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SD - SMARTS is Indonesia Stock Exchange Specific System to manage streaming data for transaction form Indonesia Stock Exchange Surveillance System into Warehouse Data real timely.

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Investamart is an Enterprise Selling Agent System (ESAS) Platform to manage selling capabilites of mutual funds instrument product via Mobile, Desktop, Web and Sales Agent that integrated with operational on managing the Asset Under Management.

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Introducing NAYAGA Exchange Traded Fund

Cakratech's Product : NAYAGA Exchange Traded Fund

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Introducing Nayaga's Security Crowdfunding

Cakratech’s Product:  NAYAGA Securities Crowdfunding 

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Cakratech Involved a sharing session presented by Delphi

Cakratech took part of three days event held by Delphi, starting from sharing sessions and earned a big image of future technology development.

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Transfer Knowledge Gadai Efek Mesin with Pegadaian

Cakratech presenting about “Developing Gadai Efek Mesin Technology”

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Cakratech be the guest speaker at “IDX Developer Day - FIX - OUCH - ITCH Messaging Format Sharing Session”

Sharing Session about the High Frequency Trading (HFT)

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Cakratech be the guest speaker at “IDX Transformation Digital - Capital Market Digital Transformation System Outlook

Cakratech took part at IDX Event, to introducing the Next Challenge of the Digital Era to Transform Trading Landscape

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Product Launching “Rentalio App”

Cakratech introducing Rentalio App as a Demand Vehicle Rental Platform

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Cakratech be the guest speaker at Inovasi Digital di Pasar Modal Event by IDX

Cakratech introducing Nayaga Digital “End to End Solution Software as a Service Platform in Financial Market Industries”.

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Cakratech Project Presentation day with Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Cakratech presenting “Common Infrastructure for Broker Back Office System” for Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

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