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Transfer Knowledge Gadai Efek Mesin with Pegadaian

Posted on 29 January 2020

Pegadaian is PT Pegadaian (Persero) is Indonesia's de jure sole pawnbroker. Its pawnbroking as a biggest market share was legalized in a Dutch East Indian government decree. Several savings and loan co-operatives de facto also offer pawnbroking services (Wikipedia). Various techniques can be used these days. According to our slogan which is “Prominent, Prosper & Trusted IT Company” we’d also do Technical Sharing Session with Pegadaian and discuss their product called GEM Fiduciary system. 

 Pegadaian trusts us to develop their product starting from Web Application, Application Server, etc. In this session we’re introduced and sharing a Web Programming Demo session, the product itself has three main logical components. Consisting of Model, View, and Controller and also taught our client about the mechanism of the three main logical components. We used PHP Framework in purpose to get easier programming, reduce time-consuming and reduce coding hassles. With these solutions earned a lot of benefits with it.