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Cakratech be the guest speaker at “IDX Transformation Digital - Capital Market Digital Transformation System Outlook

Posted on 27 January 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia  (09/15/2019) 

In this digital era, technology nowadays always evolving that consisting of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and various digital platform. Also, it has an impact on every industry, every sector alike. The digital era creates and builds new behavior also for some people. As an IT Company, we should always do research and fit in with Technology Ideas nowadays. 

We’re facing the Next Challenge of the Digital Trading to Transforming into Trading Landscape. What we’re seeing today, everyone was attached to their gadgets. The issues that we face today, everything is digitized and Smartphone changing the way customers approach Capital Market Industry also to increase cost-effectiveness, efficiency in operation to develop high margin or product services. 

Digitalization was also used for enhancing customer experiences and personalizations attaining operational agility, enabling IT Support teams to facilitate collaboration and simplify the process. The emergence and Innovating Fintech that have harnessed the power of digital technology also growth of capabilities and use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Block chain, Machine learning. Design thinking and Service design to remagine information intensive and customer facing processes.