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Cakratech be the guest speaker at Inovasi Digital di Pasar Modal Event by IDX

Posted on 27 January 2020

Jakarta (16/12/2019) 


The challenges we faced today on the Financial Industry are massive starting from Competitors, Capital Expenditure on infrastructure, etc. while innovation is no longer an option, but an absolute imperative. That makes our company keep creating and innovating our technology to have the collaboration instead of competition. We’re introducing our new product Nayaga Digital “End to End Solution Software as a Service Platform” and also as an Enterprise Application Solution in Financial Market Industries. . 

We’re Introducing our main features as a manifestation of the 4 main pillars in the Capital Market Industry which are Brokerage Platform, Financing Platform, Management Asset Platform and Investment Platform to emphasize the collaboration among capital market players into integrated ecosystem to make the synergies that support mutual business growth. 

Trileksono Boediharjo (CEO) presenting Cakratech by introducing our company and Nayaga Digital. Cakratech received a great response from the audience, the crowd was an enthusiast and visit our booth to discuss and building relations between Cakratech and our new business. We hope this kind of event will build Cakratech a greater company and received great exposure also.