Nayaga is our brand name for End to End Technology Solutions. As an Enterprise Application Solution or as a Platform Solution. Digitizing and Connecting the business, with Implementing Enterprise Solution or Subscribing the Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our Features

Operational Tools

Middle Office System (MOS)
Middle Office System (MOS) is a System to Compliance that provide Middle Office operational Read More
Back Office System (BOS)
Back Office System (BOS) is a System that provide Back Office Operational tool to Read More
Accounting (ACC)
Accounting (ACC) is a System that Manage the Financial Data of the Firm. Which all the Financial Data related to the Read More

Compliance & Risk Tools

Online Opening Account (OOA)
Online Opening Account (OOA) is an online application opening account platform for managing Read More
Anti Money Laundry (AML)
Anti Money Laundry (AML) is a system for compliance to manage the client status and transaction Read More
Surveillance (SURV)
Surveillance (SURV) is a system for compliance to manage the transaction's behavior that Read More
Finance Risk Monitoring System (FRMS)
Finance Risk Monitoring System (FRMS) is a system which provides a Risk Management tool of Read More
Regulatory Report System (RRS)
Regulatory Report System (RRS) is a system that provides a tool for the firm to manage the regulatory Read More

Enterprise Specific System

GEM Fiduciary System
GEM Fiduciary System is Pegadaian specific system as a real time valuation system for fiduciary underlying securities.
SD - SMARTS is IDX Spesici System to manage streaming data for transaction form IDX Surveillance System into Warehouse Data real timely.
Integrated Funding Applicaction System (i-FAST)
Integrated Funding Applicaction System (i-FAST) is Pendanaan Efek Indonesia spesific system that has a function as a simulator and simulator and stress test tool that is built using. Read More
Testing Tools
Testing Tools is Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) spesific system that has a function as a simulator and simulator and stress test tool that is built using FIX Message which. Read More
RSA is IDX Authetication Engine to manage the right access of memeber IDX to connect to the IDX gateway engine
JONEC is IDX API Gateway for member IDX to connect with IDX Trading Engine

Trading Platform

Online Trading Gateway
This Application is a Gateway that can be interfaced with any system user interface on the Internet base platform provided by the broker.
Order Management System (OMS)
Order Management System (OMS) is a system that provides the Trading Platform for the brokerage business process that have a capability to manage the order flow from Multi Read More
Risk Management System (RMS)
Risk Management System (RMS) is the system that manage and process on the Risk Parameter, Risk Formula & Risk Calculation on the specific and particular Read More
Online Trading (OLT)
Online Trading (OLT) is the system which provides the Online Platform as a Delivery Channel
This application is an engine for processing and managing market infor from IDX. Information received, from IDX will be managed and distributed to client application as needed.
Engine Monitoring
This application is used as a tool for Monitoring Application Server on the Nayaga - Trading Platform