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Cakratech be the guest speaker at “IDX Developer Day - FIX - OUCH - ITCH Messaging Format Sharing Session”

Posted on 29 January 2020

Indonesia Stock Exchange is one of the biggest of Cakratech’s clients. In this “IDX Developer Day,” we’re accommodating the process of transfer knowledge for the High-Frequency Trading (HFT) protocol that will be used by IDX  FIX 5.0, OUTCH and ITCH while Low latency, High performance are needed for global trading and to increase competitiveness in the global market. 

Low Latency Market Data, Are Proprietary protocols needed? Recent developments within FPL such as the release of the fast protocol and efforts within the FIX 5.0. For the ITCH Protocol, the variants of the ITCH Protocol are offered by Nasdaq OMX, CHI - X and BATS. ITCH suited for high volume market data because of its small messages and it’s lower coding and decoding overhead. 

Ouch is a low - level native protocol designed for high performance and minimal latency. To achieve optimal Functional Efficiency and speed, some flexibility is sacrificed. We also give a demo of testing application demo starting from Connection (FIX 5.0, OUCH, ITCH), Trading Activities (FIX 5.0, OUCH), Manage Message by sending Negative Test (FIX 5.0, OUCH). Market into- stock summary and Running Trade (ITCH).