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Product Launching “Rentalio App”

Posted on 27 January 2020

Bali, Indonesia  (09/25/2019) 


Rentalio App has officially launched in September 2019. Rentalio is a Demand Rental Platform for Car, Motorbike, Custom Motorbike, Adventure Motorcycle until Campervan. It’s like a digital garage through Applications that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Rentalio was founded by Refine Riniftiano, we build relations with more than 300 unit vehicle partner. Now, Rentalio is available in Android and been operating in Bali, Indonesia. 

Our goals are to fulfilling needs in Travelling culture. We want to provide a great experience and convenience in finding or renting varies rental vehicles for today’s travel needs. We’re also here to help conventional rental business owners compete digitally. Rentalio provides various features to simplify the consumer to rent the vehicle as they wish. The consumer can pick and choose the vehicle’s specification, which brand, price, rental time and of course the pick up location. 

Rentalio keeps building a connection with other rental companies in purpose to be able to operate their business digitally using the Rentalio platform. #UpgradeYourRental is our campaign that offers access to a wider market, useful features and trusted customers. 

Startup Rentalio has been earned funding support in the first step (seed funding) in amount US$ 200.000 from Cakratech. Rentalio will use the funding to expand the market and develop things including technology, human resources until marketing. This year Rentalio plans to elevate the platform by develop the iOS version and establish cooperation in other tourist destinations such as Yogyakarta, Malang, Bandung, Jakarta to other foreign tourist areas such as Thailand and other neighboring countries.